Managing a school is more than having competent staff and a conducive environment. School management involves all the activities that ensure the school is run properly without a hitch. As important as the management of a school is, it should not take all we have before we get the required result.

When looking for an efficient platform that caters for staff attendance, you need one that ensures you don’t break a sweat. Operations like students’ report cards, payroll management, staff clock in and clock out are part of the vital operations of a school administration.

Eduffice is a comprehensive school management software that automates all the manual, and vital operations in school administration making work and tasks easier, faster and more accessible. Due to the flexibility of the software, it can be tailored to suit the direct and immediate need of the school.

It is a fast, secure and cross-platform solution which means that you can access its features and your data 24-7, anywhere in the world, on any device at any time of the day.


Quality Students' Care

With Eduffice, your staff no longer have to spend long hours on burdensome administrative tasks such as students report cards, attendance rolls, and billing. The software allows more time for adequate and quality students care.

Boosts Schools Rating

Schools on board with Eduffice are using a platform that utilizes automation. That means their productivity is increased and that leads to a high rating when compared to other schools around them.

Streamlined Processes

Your practice and school functions are more efficient because the workflow and processes have been streamlined thanks to Eduffice. Errors and redundancies are also minimized allowing your staff operates without hitch.

Secure Record

All records, that of the staff and students, of your schools are kept secure on our end-to-end data encryption channel. You have nothing to worry about as your data is as important to us as much they are to you.

Improved Parents/School Interaction

Eduffice also enables seamless interaction between schools’ administrators and parents of their students. Schools can send an attendance SMS alert, live chat parents, and automatic dispatch of birthday and wedding anniversary greetings on the platform.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Eduffice employs the use of CBT in accessing students in standard examination conditions. All teachers and examiners have to do is drop the questions on the platform, and all is set to roll. This and several other cutting-edge technologies that Eduffice deploys ensure that schools do not lose high their standard.

Eduffice Features

Eduffice is a comprehensive online school management system with a user intuitive dashboard. Through a single interface, you can manage and monitor the day-to-day activities of your school without stepping a foot on the school’s environment.

  • Report Cards (Pre-School, Primary and Secondary)
  • Computer-based test (CBT)
  • E-Classroom
  • Student & Parent Portal
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