What is Eduffice?

Eduffice is an advanced yet simplified software that makes all administrative functions of your school more efficient. With Eduffice, you can kiss the paper-based system goodbye.

The system manages your students’ report cards, removing the stress of having to waste time computing each class average, positions and GPA. You can focus on more important duties such as impacting your students while Eduffice handles the time-consuming tasks.

Eduffice also supports and manages multiple schools and classes. It can also be used for teachers’ management and you can be sure it is simple and easy to learn and use.

The software is platform independent, that is, it doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone – the access is not restricted neither is it operating system dependent.

Overall, Eduffice is an online school management software that is focused on improving the efficiency of school administrators, teachers, schools, students and their parents.

We have further highlighted the unique importance of Eduffice to these targeted audience.

Proprietor / School Principal / Head Teacher

  • Group Management: This feature enables you manage multiple schools in your organization on one dashboard.
  • Enrolment report
  • Finance Report
  • Payroll Management
  • School Events management and automatic dispatch of scheduled messages
  • Academic Performance Report and Automatic Report Card Generation


  • Academic Performance Report: With this feature, you can easily monitor the academic performance in your class.
  • Attendance capturing
  • Time table synchronization
  • Assessment test and exam data capturing
  • Student Bio-Data Capturing
  • E-Classroom and Computer Based Test(CBT)
  • Direct Messaging to parents and students
  • Live Chat


  • Online Report Card: With this feature, parents and students have real-time access to their report cards.
  • Computer Based Test
  • E-Classroom
  • Access to real-time announcements from School Management
  • Online Notes
  • Direct Messaging and Android App for real-time feedback from school

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